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January 20, 2011

A friend of mine is in Rome right now. I got a little jealous and wrote this.


When roaming Rome,
Don’t think of home.
Don’t blink, you’ll miss the famous dome!
The Pantheon, with floor of stone,
And oculus set high above!

The fountain with equine motif,
With waters’ gurgle, splash, and foam;
The Eternal City bids you come,
From other places you have gone,
If with back to fountain, face to square,
You toss a coin into the air,
O’er shoulder into Trevi’s pond.

And who can miss the famous place,
With Adam’s Birth and Judgement Last,
The masterful artistic grace
Imbued in every frescoed face!
Four years of painful toil went past
E’er Julius’ demands were met.
And while we weren’t there to see it done,
We all owe Michelangelo a debt.

So when in this ancient metropolis,
Remember all who have not been.
Remember all that you have seen
And share with those who had to miss.
Perhaps one day, before too long,
You’ll hear that Latin siren’s song,
And leave again your hearth and home,
To journey back, once more to Rome.