Time to Think

October 25, 2008

For close to three years I have been studying interior design.  Often, when telling people what I do, I am asked to help pick out paint colors.  This is a harmless question, one which I let annoy me far too often.  While it is a way that people tell me they are interested in what I do, It also shows how little most people know of the depth of the profession, and the many areas where interior design is used.  The common idea of interior design is merely the tip of a very large iceberg.

When I started, I to had little knowledge of what a complex and philosophical world I was joining.  Yet as time progressed, I came to recognize and love the way design can interact with the way people live their lives and affect what they believe.

I have come to realize that my mind is like the interior design profession.  Until now I have been content with picking out paint colors and arranging accessories.  I haven’t done much analysis or planing.  My mind is a poorly designed space.  I want to fix that, and this blog will be my drafting table.  When an idea needs refinement, I will write down my thoughts.  Just as one cannot design without a pen in hand, one cannot think without writing.  The process, as always, prevails.

Part of the design process is critique.  With the input of other serious, committed minds, a design project can go from good to great.  Similarly, when colleagues interact with ideas, greatness can happen.

I am no longer content being a mental decorator.  I want to design my mind.  I want to move walls.



  1. Hey Seth,
    Welcome to the world of blogging. It’s a great tool for thinking through ideas. It’s also a good way for your pride to get kicked around. I look forward to learning a little about design.


  2. I have no doubt you’ll move walls, Seth. Might I suggest that the reverse is true? Just as you wish to see people have a broader view of your chosen profession, would it not also be beneficial and caring to learn more about the broader view of your friends and acquaintances chosen professions?

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